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75th Anniversary VSP License Plate

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For the 75th Anniversary of the Vermont State Police, the license plate is being changed on all the cruisers.  The troopers will all have throw back plates to a license plate with the original, historical look of the first VSP license plate.

For a limited time (until July 31, 2022) we will be taking preorders for the license plates with specific numbers, up to three digits.  After that license plates will still be available, but the option to customize the plate will not be.

To preorder the license plate you need to select what number you would like and pay now for the shipment after July 31, 2022.  After this period closes the plates will all be ordered.

If you want to select multiple license plates with different numbers, you need to add multiple license plates to your shopping cart.  You can purchase multiple license plates of the same number as well.  The license plate is made of aluminum.

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